Our Story

G Cables was founded in 2020 when lockdowns in Singapore started. Glen's work in a chemical manufacturing plant begins to shut down temporarily, paving the way to improve his desk setup. Working from home became the norm, and desk setups were transformed into workspaces, playgrounds, and safe havens for many of us, from desks to building PC to custom mechanical keyboards.

We are now based in the Philippines and specialize in producing premium handcrafted custom cables. We believe that a setup designed for your needs & preferences will indirectly help you to become creative and inspired to do more.

Fast forward to the present, we continue to provide a variety of custom keyboard accessories (keycaps, deskmats, keyboards and others) that encourage and motivate everyone to work or play on their desk setup.

If you have any inquiries, or just want to say hi to us (including Uno, Snapee & Potchi) - you can reach us at the chat widget (bottom right) <3

  • Glen

    Founder | Mechanical Engineer

    He love beige. And black.

    •Keyboard: Janeko

    •Switches: MX Blacks

    •Keycaps: Minicom Alphas + GMK Black Modi

  • Justin

    Cable Designer | Computer Engineer

    Handcrafts, painting, electronics - this guy is just talented.

    •Keyboard: Space65

    •Switches: Black Inks V2

    •Keycaps: CRP Peacock R3

  • Jezza

    Customer Support

    She likes salted-egg fish skin.

    •Keyboard: Geon Frog TKL

    •Switches: JWK Lavenders

    •Keycaps: XMI Baybayin Gray

  • Cris

    Logistics Coordinator | Civil Engineer

    Louder keyboard in the office = busy employee.

    •Keyboard: Keychron K4

    •Switches: MX Reds

    •Keycaps: Stock Keycaps

    More info and services of Cris here 
  • Arvin

    Adviser | Software Engineer

    Unikorn. Keycult 2/65. Kohaku. Jane. First one is his favorite.

    •Keyboard: Unikorn

    •Switches: Vint Blacks

    •Keycaps: GMK Perestroika

  • Dalvin

    Adviser | Software Engineer

    His favorite fruit is Gomu Gomu no Mi.

    •Keyboard: Keychron K6

    •Switches: MX Reds

    •Keycaps: Stock Keycaps

  • Uno

    Security Doggo | Hooman by Heart

    Being head of the security is tough. Working 24/7, sleeping 21/7.

    •Keyboard: 🦴

    •Switches: 🦴

    •Keycaps: 🦴

  • Snapee & Potchi | Qat-lity Control

    Quality Control

    Checking products to see if all are cat-proof = durable.

    •Keyboard: 🐟

    •Switches: 🐟

    •Keycaps: 🐟