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Backplate Series 1

Backplate Series 1

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Backplate Material
Screw Add-ons


• This is a pre-order item (ends in May 21st). Estimated start of shipping is 1.5-2.5 months after the pre-order period. By purchasing this item means you acknowledge the return/cancellation policy in the FAQ page.
• Backplates available are for: TGR Jane V2 ME and CE, TGR 910 V2 ME, TGR x Linworks Dolice, Cruel World CW80 and CW60
• Thickness are all 2.5mm except for the Cruel World variants (2mm). Take note that we've made the Dolice 2.5mm as well compared to the 2mm stock backplate.
• Available in Copper, Stainless Steel and Brass. These are "not raw" meaning these backplates have been modified to get that matte/grainy appearance.
• 6 FREE Silver screws (matches the case screws) will be provided for mounting the backplates. They will be included as well even if you purchase the other screws as add-ons. 
• No free screws for Dolice, CW80 and CW60. Please choose N/A on screw add-ons for these keyboards.
• Take note that screw materials have different hardness vs the keyboard case. Be careful when using non-aluminum screws as casing threads may be damaged. We are not liable to any damage of this kind.
• Screw Hardness Scale: Aluminum < Copper < Stainless Steel < Brass < Titanium 
• Screw Material: Black & Silver (Stainless Steel), Chroma (Titanium)
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