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Backplate Series 2

Backplate Series 2

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Backplate Material
Screw Add-ons


• This is a pre-order item (ends in June 30). Estimated start of shipping is 1.5-2.5 months after the pre-order period. By purchasing this item means you acknowledge the return/cancellation policy in the FAQ page.
• Backplates available are for: Monokei x TGR Tomo, TGR Jane V2 ME and CE, TGR 910 V2 ME, TGR x Linworks Dolice, Cruel World CW80 and CW60
• Available in Carbon Fiber (Twill, Forged and Forged Grain) and Polished SS. Polished SS is silver and polished using hard buff, expect lesser reflection compared to the toblerone bar, very thin hairlines are also visible at certain angles.
• Copper, Stainless Steel and Brass will be available for Tomo only.
• Tomo's backplate will be mounted using screw-nut style. More info from Xaclain here.
• Thickness are all 2.5mm except for the Cruel World variants (2mm). Take note that we've made the Dolice 2.5mm as well compared to the 2mm stock backplate.
• FREE Silver screws (matches the case screws) will be provided for mounting the backplates. They will be included as well even if you purchase the other screws as add-ons. 
• No free screws for Dolice, CW80 and CW60. Please choose 6x Silver on screw add-ons for these keyboards.
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